Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water Systems

Don’t waste money on bottled water when you can have the convenience of a drinking water system right in your own home or office.

If the quality of your water is not up to your standards, don’t settle for less; Hydro Medix offers several drinking water systems that will not only give you clearer, healthier water, but it will taste better, too! To learn more about these systems contact us online or call 904-230-6393 for more information.

TFC Reverse Osmosis

This all in one simple system fits right under your sink! Treatment of water by reverse osmosis represents a modern breakthrough in water filters. Water is processed at the molecular level, providing you and your family a reliable supply of quality drinking water.


That’s why major bottled water companies use this process to filter water prior to bottling. Clearion has combined this fantastic reverse osmosis process with quality components to create a compact drinking water appliance that fits neatly under your sink.

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