Whole Home Filtration

Whole Home Filtration

Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Most water, whether from a tap or a municipal source, will have some level of contamination. This may include anything from natural minerals to man-made toxins and byproducts, such as:

  • Pesticides, insecticides and herbicides
  • Solvents, gasoline additives or degreasers
  • Bacteria and parasites (also known as microbial pathogens)
  • Inorganics (arsenic, lead, mercury, etc.)
  • Scale (hard water minerals)

These contaminants can affect the appearance, smell and taste of your water. Installing a whole home water filtration system can not only improve the quality of your water, but also provide the following benefits:

  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Brighter, cleaner clothing
  • Reduction of scale in pipes and appliances

Although most levels of contamination found in your water supply are not high enough to cause immediate problems, repeated exposure to them may lead to chronic health issues over time.

Available Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Hydro Medix offers a variety of whole home water filtration products to fit your specific needs. Feel free to contact us to schedule a free in-home water test.

Filtration Systems for Wells Only

Sidekick™ Single Tank Aeration Filter with Ozone Complete™

Air is injected into the top of the tank, converting ferrous iron to ferric iron after untreated water has passed through the control valve, preventing the control valve from fouling with iron.


  • 300 Series Electronic Control Valve
  • Legacy View Bluetooth enabled control valve for advanced diagnostics and simplified setup
  • Air draw cycle can be initiated without a backwash cycle, saving thousands of gallons of water annually
  • The control valve slowly releases compressed air charge prior to backwash cycle eliminating the explosive blast that can dislodge the drain line
  • Battery Back-Up with drain line shut off
  • Adjustable cycle times
  • 3/4″ FNPT stainless steel bypass valve
  • 1″ FNPT stainless steel bypass valve (optional)
  • High Flow 1″ distributor tube
  • Smart Blend filter media
  • Top cap fill opening for ease of service
  • Compatible with any type of pump system
  • Patent pending

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360P Series Single Tank Aeration Filter

Powered by the 300 Series Control valve with TWEDO function, the 360P Single Tank Aeration Filter is equipped with all the unique features of the 360 Series Filter in addition to the advanced TWEDO function (patents pending).


  • Legacy View Bluetooth enabled control valve for advanced diagnostics and simplified setup
  • Simplicity of a single tank aeration system that can be used with any type of well pumping system (standard submersible, constant pressure, jet pump)
  • Precise external air injection directly into the media tank to help prevent control valve fouling & for ease of service
  • 9-volt battery back-up w/ drain line shut off position, if power fails during backwash
  • Operates on low 12 VDC power
  • Smart Blend™ media for efficient reduction of iron, manganese, sulfur & correction of low pH
  • Enpress® Vortech™ distributor plate for exceptional backwashing capability
  • 1″ FNPT stainless steel bypass (optional)

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