Why Hydro Medix?

Why Hydro Medix?

Why Choose Hydro Medix for Your Water Treatment Needs?

The answer is simple. Hydro Medix is focused on providing innovative water technologies and unparalleled customer service to its clients.

In 1995, Joe LoSchiavo founded Hydro Medix Technologies, Inc. after spending several years designing, installing and servicing ultra-purification systems for hospitals, industrial companies and laboratories, as well as providing Ultra Pure water for the U.S. Navy.

A funny thing happened along the way; Joe’s friends and neighbors, knowing he was in the water business, asked if he could solve their residential water problems, too. Not one to shy away from a challenge, he found that he could not only use his knowledge and experience to help his friends, but also found that he enjoyed supplying folks with quality water in their homes.

Since that time, Lori (Joe’s wife) and Brett (son-in-law) joined the business, as well. Hydro Medix has formed relationships with large corporate entities, such as Sears®, Lowes®, General Electric, and many other well-known companies, providing thousands of quality installations and services for residential, as well as commercial customers. We are still a small, family-owned business with many wonderful customers depending on us for all their water treatment needs, whether on a municipal system or a well.

For a customized approach to your water needs fill out the contact form here, or give us a call at 904-230-6393. We look forward to helping you with the latest, ground-breaking water technologies available.