Water Treatment Questions? We’re Here to Help!

Are you wondering what a water treatment system actually does for your home, or confused about the difference between a water softener and water filter? Be sure to read through our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to find the answers to your questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for, or you need additional assistance, feel free to contact us online or call 904-230-6393.

What would you recommend for the average person?

Every customer is different, which is why we create a custom solution for each customer. There are, however, a few things we typically suggest:

  • A solution to eliminate hardness, which otherwise would form scale and deposits on your appliances
  • A solution to remove chlorine, dirt, sediment, bad taste and odors
  • An ultra-pure water system for drinking water

Which forms of payments do you take?

We take checks, cash and credit cards. We also offer in-house financing and have an out-of-house provider.

How many installations has Hydro Medix done?

Hydro Medix has proudly installed over 3,000 systems.

Do you offer guarantees for your products?

Yes. Most of our systems have a 7- to 10-year warranty on the product. We also give at least a one-year labor warranty on everything we install.

What should people know when choosing a water treatment company?

A reputable water treatment company will exhibit the following qualities: integrity, quality, honesty, experience, and technical expertise. The company should also stand by its warranties and guarantees. For over 20 years, Hydro Medix has stood by its products and services, so you can feel confident that we’ll do the right thing for our customers.

What is a water treatment system?

A water treatment system is anything that will improve the quality of your water before it enters your home or business. It could be a simple filter or a system to electronically process water to reduce scale or hardness. It can also remove iron, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, chloramines, or a variety of other things that are undesirable. We will help you choose what’s best for your needs.

What package do most people choose?

You have several options; (1) you can get an integrated, water treatment system and get everything in one package to satisfy all the requirements of what you want, OR (2) you can pick and choose from our many options. The best way to determine which is allow us to visit your home or business, to help create a custom solution for you.

What is the difference between a water filter and a water softener?

A water softener removes hardness, calcium carbonate, and scale that would develop in your home, in your pipes, or on your appliances. It can also reduce small amounts of iron and take out manganese, if you have manganese in your well water. A water filter is designed to remove unwanted things in your water like dirt/sediment, sodium, chlorine, and other toxins.

Does a water softener help with the pipes in your home?

Yes. It’s not going to allow scale to build up in your pipes or your fixtures.

What makes Hydro Medix better than the competition?

We’re a small family business, so we get to know our customers very well and are service-oriented. We’re also always looking for innovative new technologies that are more efficient and cost-effective.

How long have you been in business?

Over 20 years…Since 1995

Do water softeners take electricity?

Yes, however, most run on an LED and a very small motor which only costs a couple dollars per year in electricity.

Does someone have to come over to my house and test my water?

Contact us to find out what the best way to test your water is.

What happens when someone contacts me?

We will learn about your needs though our custom solution process. We will then walk you through the different options we have, answer any questions, and help you decide on the best solution for you – with up front pricing and no high-pressure sales tactics.

How does the installation process work and how long does it usually take?

It depends on many factors, including which system you are getting. Most installs, however, take between one to two hours, but some may take longer, depending on how the house was built.